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3 Secrets to Relationship Breakthrough!

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Online Live Event Questions?

What times are the livestream sessions for the on-line event?
This LIVE On-Line Event Experience is happening July 9, 10 & 11

The Daily Schedule guideline is as follows:
Start Time: 8:00 am Pacific/ 11:00 am Eastern (US Time)
End Time:  5:00 pm Pacific/ 8:00 pm Eastern (US Time)

We will have a Mid-Morning Break (15 Minutes), a Lunch Break (90 Minutes), a Mid-Afternoon Break (15 Minutes).

This is the same as it is at our live events. Schedule is LOOSE. We will break when it's the right time to break. Stacey and Paul are focused on delivering your breakthrough. They will give you breaks each day. They will not keep to a schedule for it. 

End Time: The end time listed above is a guideline. We will end the day when we finish. It's a LIVE Event Experience. If Paul and Stacey need to go later to give you the result you want, then they will. 

Just like at our live events...please plan to be fully present with us for the 3 days and don't make other plans during that time, so you can get the MOST out of the experience. 

For our International Students: 
Yes, for some of you, that will mean that this event is happening in the middle of the night. We get it. It's not convenient. Just remember that it is still more convenient (and a lot cheaper) then FLYING to Idaho from Singapore or Australia.

Yes, we have students who do this from all over the world. It's actually an OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime to be able to attend this live event without traveling from half way across the globe! This is an opportunity that no one has ever had before.

And as Paul Martino always says "Comfort is not our standard". Remember, BREAKTHROUGHS do not happen INSIDE your comfort zone.

Honestly, our overseas students will be the FIRST ones signing up for this incredible opportunity!
Will there be a REPLAY or RECORDINGS of this event that I can watch later?
NO! There will be NO replay and NO recordings. This is a LIVE On-Line Event Experience. 
I have another question that is not answered here...
Send us an email please at
What is the RBR Experience?
Catapult Your Relationship
Relationship Breakthrough Retreat 2019 Opens SOON!
If you would like to be added to the waiting list for when RBR 2019 tickets become available, please enter your email below and click on "Add Me To The Wait List"
Do you have ...
but the passion has totally fizzled?

Is your ...
(or at least one of you has one foot out the door!)?
Are you ...
and desire to learn how to attract and create your forever love?
Do you already ...
but want to create something magnificent?

AND, it's important for you to know...
You are NOT alone!
In this event, you will be surrounded by our amazing community of Relationship Transformers™! Awe-mazing people, just like you, empowering themselves to transform their relationship! Our community of Relationship Transformers will give you the support, compassion, collaboration, community and LOVE that you need to create the relationship that you desire!

Even more, you’ll forge life-long friendships with other Relationship Transformers who are committed to personal development for their relationships! (Ever get frustrated trying to explain your personal development work to friends and family, and they just don’t get it?? Or, even worse – they get totally pissed-off at you? If so, then this event is designed just for you, and you will LOVE being surrounded by a community of people who ‘get you’!)

This is a FUN, high energy, transformational live experience with Paul & me!
This is not a couples' event
Like all our programs, our methodology is strategically designed to empower YOU to transform your relationship! Your partner does not need to participate in order for this to work for you! 

This is NOT a “sit in your seat” and listen for three days “seminar.” This is a strategically designed transformation experience like nothing you’ve experienced before. You will experience transformations, interventions and breakthroughs live in the room.
Bottom line: we are committed to your success.

After this three day live event with me and Paul, your relationship will NEVER be the same again!
Note from Stacey...
No matter where you are in your relationship today, the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is strategically designed for you to have the love relationship you desire by utilizing the tools and strategies that really work to create an indivisible alignment with your partner, where nothing and nobody can come between you, you put each other first and love each other unconditionally for your most authentic selves. By implementing the proven step-by-step strategies you bring out the absolute best in your partner, learn to cherish and maximize the differences between men and women to create the polarity that sparks the ravishing and satisfying intimacy you desire.

By transforming the way you show up in relationship to your partner, in a very short amount of time, you immediately experience the transformation in your love, your passion and your life! You become the example, not the warning. You live your life with passion and you immediately shift the role model you are being to your children because you are teaching them about what a committed love relationship is, by how you are living in yours!

Your love relationship impacts everything in your life: your happiness, your confidence, your self-worth, how you parent your kids, how much you grow your business, your fulfillment, your energy and your health. When you shift your love relationship in this way, everything changes, and you begin living a more loving and passionate life!
It’s the ultimate shortcut that removes all the painful guessing, wasted energy and frustration out of shifting your relationship into the magnificent love affair of your dreams! 

And the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is strategically designed for ONE partner to transform the relationship, you do NOT need your partner to attend for this to work for you! (don’t take my word for it, read the testimonials of the students who have already done it).

I know you’re trying. You deserve to stop struggling; stop giving so much of your energy to doing what does NOT work in your relationship. 

You deserve to catapult your relationship to the next level, reignite your passion, create an indivisible alignment and unleash a ravishing and satisfying daily intimacy with your partner…while saving you TONS of time, frustration and damaging hurt trying to figure it out on your own. 

I know, I’ve been there. And sometimes in those moments of struggle, we come too close to saying or doing something that we can’t take back because we just don’t know that there is a simple way to honor your most authentic self and honor your partner’s authentic self too!

Some of the biggest relationship breakthroughs I’ve experienced in MY life came from being LIVE with my role models and experiencing their relationship in a way that shattered my old belief systems and gave me an undeniable experience of what was clearly possible to experience in life! 

At the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat, you get to be live and in-person with me and Paul for three entire days. Once you experience our relationship first-hand, you can’t UN-know that! 

You will see Paul and I interact, experience how we relate to each other, and experience the polarity of masculine and feminine energy!

This event empowers you to finally be loved for your most authentic self, without compromise, and to give your love freely as your best self! 

This helps you to reignite the passion that has fizzled in your relationship, get the energy that comes from living as your authentically feminine or masculine core energy and to create SPARKS of passion, playfulness and daily intimacy! 

Be an inspiration, make an impact, live your life as the example instead of the warning. Get the confidence, self-worth, fulfillment and happiness that comes from living in an intimate relationship that exceeds your wildest dreams! And once you create it, you get to have it all for the rest of your life!

Sending Love,
  • The needs that MUST be met by both partners in a relationship
  • ​ A personal relationship needs assessment 
  • ​ A relationship map – personalized plan to transform your relationship 
  • ​ Finally see the invisible forces that have been causing the dynamics that make you feel so unhappy and how to actually solve them! 
  • ​ How to stop looking at the symptoms of the challenges in your relationships and finally see the actual cause! And get the tools to FIX it! 
  • ​ Guidelines for communication that builds the love and understanding in a relationship
  • ​ How to master crucial conversations that transform and restore a relationship  
  • ​The dangerous relationship myth that keeps people stuck. 
  • ​ How to recognize when a man or woman that has fallen prey to this destructive myth 
  • ​ How to get out of this dangerous cycle and stop the damaging effects on your relationship 
  • ​ The spectrum of change and mastery 
  • ​ Why you still struggle even through you “know better” and how to STOP that pattern forever! 
  • ​ Tools and Strategies to both master YOUR state and master how you relate to OTHERS. 
  • ​ How to set yourself up for long-term success in ‘change mastery’.
  • ​ How to create lasting change and up-level your life 
  • ​ One of the biggest sources of pain in your life, and how to eliminate it 
  • ​ How to recognize the solutions to your problems (they almost never look the way you expect them to!) 
  • ​ The 6 critical steps in your decision making process & how to navigate them so that you breakthrough to the next level and don’t stay stuck where you are. 
  • ​ How to trust yourself to make good decisions in any situation 
  • ​ The step-by-step formula to avoiding costly mistakes in your life 
  • ​ The simple, but little-known, solution to getting better results, faster. 
  • ​ Wiping the slate clean: forgiveness & permission to start anew 
  • ​ What forgiveness really means (not what you think!) 
  • ​ What can & can’t be forgiven 
  • ​ Unique 5 Part Forgiveness Process 
  • ​ Experience the release and freedom of forgiving, even the things you don’t believe you can forgive.  
  •  We have witnessed students experience this release LIVE at this event, even for things that they have held onto for 40 years or more….it is powerful and life-changing!
  •  The dangers of un-forgiveness, and how to forgive yourself and others, so that you don’t stay stuck and block your desired outcomes.
  • ​ …and so much more
  • Deeper integration of Self-mastery tools
  • ​Why the majority of painful misunderstandings, hurt feelings, anger and resentment in love relationships result from a lack of understanding the differences between masculine & feminine energies.
  • ​The top 4 Destructive Relationship Dynamics that result from not understanding masculine & feminine
  • ​The 10 KEY differences between how masculine & feminine are wired
  • ​Tools and strategies to successfully navigate all 10 differences, in a way that honors your partner’s energy, and causes love and passion to grow
  • ​The strategies to avoid the most common day-to-day Kerfuffles (secret: you will build a stronger foundation to your relationship as you do these too) 
  • ​The 4 Step Spectrum of change in mastering interactions between masculine & feminine
  • ​Learn what has caused our current ‘passion-less’ relationship epidemic, and how to make sure YOUR relationship doesn’t become a casualty
  • ​What is polarity, and what does it have to do with passion & sparks? 
  • ​Why passion ‘naturally’ decreases as love grows in a relationship
  • ​Learn Tools and Strategies to continually INCREASE both love AND passion 
  • ​Learn how to restore sparks and passion when they’ve been long-gone
  • ​From a good sex-life to an INCREDIBLE one: the secrets to creating red-hot passion and ravishing intimacy with your partner
  • ​How to recognize feminine energy: the top 2 Qualities it embodies
  • ​How to recognize when men and women are operating in an opposite, inauthentic energy from their natural core one 
  • ​The destructive effects on a relationship where the partners have ‘flip-flopped’ energies
  • ​Understanding what Feminine core energy really is
  • ​How a woman can open to her feminine energy, no matter HOW long she’s been operating in her masculine! (HINT: It has NOTHING to do with nails or fashion!) 
  • ​How you can help your woman open to her feminine 
  • ​The top 5 Qualities of Masculine Energy 
  • ​Qualities of an immature masculine and how to recognize a ‘mature’ masculine 
  • ​How a man who has flipped into feminine energy can reconnect to masculine energy and mature masculine presence 
  • ​How you can elicit masculine energy in your man 
  • ​What the different ‘flavors’ of masculine & feminine look like 
  • ​The power of having support and community when you’re trying to re-establish operating in your authentic core energy (it doesn’t happen overnight – it’s on a spectrum!)
  • ​Special Power Session: Experience the power of as you watch Stacey do live intervention laser coaching and help participants breakthrough in an area they’ve been struggling with for YEARS, in mere minutes!! (if you are lucky…it could be YOU) 
  • ​…and so much more!
  • The REAL reason why so many relationships don’t last and the divorce rate is so high (it’s probably NOT what you think…)
  • ​The single most important thing you must do today, if you’re going to create lasting change in yourself and your relationship
  • ​How to overcome your inner resistance to change and personal development
  • ​How to persevere through the challenges and obstacles that will inevitably crop up, trying to hinder your growth toward personal and relational mastery
  • ​The REAL definition of commitment 
  • ​The ugly truth: learn how to evaluate whether you are fully committed to your partner, or not. 
  • ​The 4 step system to create your rock solid relationship 
  • ​How to become your partner’s #1 priority
  • ​What does it look like when you and your partner operate as an indivisible team? 
  • ​How to create a synergistic relationship with your partner 
  • ​Learn how to deliver deeply satisfying sexual pleasure to a woman from sensuality master Paul Martino! After a decade of study, Paul brings the integrity and honor of the mature masculine, aligned with our proven approach to relationship and combines it with his teaching of sexual mastery to serve our students…. 
  • ​The 2 Types of sexual experience that every woman needs to have 
  • ​The # 1 Key to a woman having an UNLEASHED sexual experience
  • ​How to recognize a woman’s need to have an intense sexual release
  • ​The primary differences between how the masculine & feminine are wired for sex 
  • ​The relationship problems that occur when men & women don’t understand or honor how their partner is wired for sex 
  • ​The differences in sexual experience and performance for the ‘immature’ vs ‘mature’ masculine 
  • ​Why only a MATURE male can create an UNLEASHED experience for a woman 
  • ​The biggest challenge that blocks an experience of ravishing & satisfying sex 
  • ​How to increase your desire for sex (or get your sex drive BACK, if it’s long gone or you never had it to begin with)…this works! 
  • ​Biggest challenges to increasing the frequency of sex & the solutions to overcome them 
  • What the your motivation for having sex should be, if your going to have an UNLEASHED passion (HINT: It’s NOT because you’re ‘in-the-mood’!)
  • ​The keys for men to be able to provide a ROCKIN’ sexual experience for their partner 
  • ​For men: HOW to ‘take’ your woman in an unleashed sexual experience 
  • ​For women: The strategies you need to surrender to an unleashed sexual experience…there’s a lot you can do, it takes work in the beginning, but you can do it! 
  • ​For women, how to stop the “self-chatter” that blocks you from opening to a deeply satisfying sexual experience. 
  • ​The 7 Essential Ingredients your relationship MUST have in place, before your ready to experience this ecstatic, ravishing, UNLEASHED passion!! 
  • ​The strategy for how to integrate everything you’ve learned and experienced at the Retreat, so that when you leave, you continually progress on the spectrum toward mastery! (How not to Fall-Back, after you Break-through!!) 
  • ​The Retreat is over, now what? Your Next 6 Action Steps
Approximate session times

Start Time: 8:00 am PT/ 11:00 am ET
Ending Time: 5:00 pm PT/ 8:00 pm ET

There will be a Lunch Break, Mid-Morning Break and Mid-Afternoon Breaks. 

*Note: All times are subject to change. Please do not make other plans in the evenings as we will be in session
“They mentioned couples hanging by a thread, and that was my wife and I. That’s why we came. She heard about this program and invited me. It’s been a great few days, and I’ll just sum it up by saying…

For three years we’ve been pretty distant, pretty estranged, and at the conclusion of the event today, we hugged and we kissed, and it’s the first time in almost three years. And that’s just the start.
-Joe from Pennsylvania
“I came really for the business aspect in relationships (I’m an entrepreneur) and my team members. And I came out of it with so much more than that! That I can take to my love relationship. 

They should be teaching this stuff to the WORLD! It’s mind-blowing, and I’m so grateful that I came… it’s not just for your love relationship, it’s for every relationship…”
-Amy Infante, Nebraska


You are getting a SECOND live event ticket for your committed love partner.... FREE*!

Just to be clear- Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is NOT a couple’s event! There will be NO couple’s work at this event! Your partner does NOT need to attend for you to get incredible results in your relationship! 

The majority of people who attend RBR do NOT bring their partner with them to this event! RBR is a Relationship Development immersion experience that will shift you! Every attendee will do their OWN Relationship Development work! 

But if your partner WANTS to attend, Paul and Stacey want to give you a FREE TICKET for them! When YOU register for Relationship Breakthrough Retreat, you will get instructions on how to register your committed love partner for FREE!

DO NOT WAIT to register for YOUR ticket until you know if THEY want to attend! That is measuring and score-keeping and that will keep you STUCK! 

Register today… and then Stacey & Paul will give you videos, scripts and resources on how to successfully navigate the Brick Conversation with your partner, about them attending the event. You can register them after you get your ticket!

*This Bonus is valued at $1,997 (although it is truly priceless)! 
We can help! 
Call us at 215.600.1720
Our 100%
Happiness Guarantee
Your purchase is RISK FREE!!! The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is going to be the best event you have ever attended for your love relationship, or we'll pay you your money back - on the spot!
  • Go ahead and register today.
  • Attend the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat®.
  • By the end of the 1st day of the retreat, if for ANY reason, you honestly feel that we did not deliver on what we promised, just turn in your materials at our event registration table and ask for a full refund of your ticket purchase price. We will happily refund you!
Refund Policy:
Refund period is 3 days from the date of purchase. (No refunds given after June 30th, no exceptions).
Go ahead and register now, Sweetie! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
That is EXACTLY why you NEED this event! 

If you are unable to speak to your partner about things because of how they will react or because it might cause a fight.... that is NOT just going to accidentally resolve itself one day. can't keep living a life where NOTHING moves forward because you guys can't talk about stuff (big stuff and small stuff).

You must learn these skills NOW and BREAK THE CHAINS of this repeating problem once and for all! At this event, you will finally get a step-by-step process for navigating ANY conversation with your partner... without fighting! 

This is a LIFE SKILL!
Can you imagine? Trusting yourself to be able to navigate ANY conversation, with ANYONE... without fear or concern, and KNOWING that you will be able to move things forward, with NO confrontation, NO compromise and NO fighting!!!

Sound like a fantasy?

Many of our students thought the SAME thing, until they came to this event and learned the step-by-step process to do exactly this! Now, they  are able to smoothly navigate conversations (in all their relationships). In fact, just yesterday, one of our students shared that she implemented our tool for the FIRST time and later that night her husband THANKED HER for the conversation!!

Ha! Thanked her! For a conversation that was previously a fight... and now it's solved!

It's NOT magic... it's a SKILL SET and it can be learned!!

We want to help you get started with this by introducing you to the FIRST level of skills that you need to have this kind of conversation with your partner. 

We help our students with these kinds of conversations every day around here! We are here to help!

We put together a special resource page for you on How to Talk to Your Partner about the event. PLEASE do not talk to your partner before watching the videos and reading the content we have prepared!!! Remember, if you want a better outcome, you have to use a proven approach! So check out this page!

We so want this for your family! Please use our strategic framework, scripts, videos and tools to help you start the conversation. Check them out here:

*Note: No one under the age of 21 will be permitted into this event room. Adults Only. No Exceptions Allowed.