Relationship Breakthrough RetreatTM
July 27-29, 2015
Princeton, New Jersey

Catapult your relationship to the next level in just THREE days!

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OK, so what’s this Relationship Breakthrough Retreat all about, anyway?


The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is a three day LIVE immersion experience designed to catapult your relationship to the next level! This is a FUN, high energy, transformational live experience with Paul and me! This is NOT a couple’s event! Like all our programs, our methodology is strategically designed to empower YOU to transform your relationship! Your partner does not need to participate in order for this to work for you!
This is NOT a “sit in your seat” and listen for three days “seminar.” This is a strategically designed transformation experience like nothing you’ve experienced before. You will experience transformations, interventions and breakthroughs live in the room.

After this three day live event with me and Paul, your relationship will NEVER be the same again!

No matter where you are in your relationship today, the Relationship Breakthrough RetreatTM is strategically designed for you to create the intimate relationship you desire by utilizing the tools and strategies that really work to create an indivisible alignment with your partner, where nothing and nobody can come between you, you put each other first and love each other unconditionally for your most authentic selves. By implementing the proven step-by-step strategies you bring out the absolute best in your partner, learn to cherish and maximize the differences between men and women to create the polarity that sparks the ravishing and satisfying intimacy you desire. By transforming the way you show up in relationship to your partner, in a very short amount of time, you immediately experience the transformation in your love, your passion and your life! You become the example, not the warning, you live your life with passion and you immediately shift the role model you are being to your children by what you are teaching them about what intimate relationship is, by how you are living in yours!

When you shift your intimate relationship in this way, everything changes in your life, and you begin living a more loving and passionate life! Your intimate relationship impacts everything in your life, your happiness, your confidence, your self-worth, how you parent your kids, how much you grow your business, your fulfillment, your energy and your health.

That’s why we created the Relationship Breakthrough RetreatTM, to give you an immersion experience to catapult your relationship in just three days!

It’s the ultimate shortcut that removes all the painful guessing, wasted energy and frustration out of shifting your relationship into the magnificent love affair of your dreams! And the Relationship Breakthrough RetreatTM is strategically designed for ONE partner to transform the relationship, you do NOT need your partner to attend for this to work for you! (don’t take my word for it, read the testimonials of the clients who have already done it).

I know you’re trying. You deserve to stop struggling; stop giving so much of your energy to doing what does NOT work in your relationship. You deserve to catapult your relationship to the next level, reignite your passion, create an indivisible alignment and unleash a ravishing and satisfying daily intimacy with your partner…while saving you TONS of time, frustration and damaging hurt trying to figure it out on your own. I know, I’ve been there. And sometimes in those moments of struggle, we come too close to saying or doing something that we can’t take back because we just don’t know that there is a simple way to honor your most authentic self and honor your partner’s authentic self too!

You are NOT alone! In this event, you will be surrounded by our amazing community of LOVIES! Awe-mazing people, just like you, empowering themselves to transform their relationship! Our community of LOVIES will give you the support, compassion, collaboration, community and LOVE that you need to create the relationship that you desire!

Some of the biggest relationship breakthroughs I’ve experienced in MY life came from being LIVE with my role models and experiencing their relationship in a way that shattered my old belief systems and gave me an undeniable experience of what was clearly possible to experience in life! At the Relationship Breakthrough RetreatTM, you get to be live and in-person with me and Paul for three entire days. Once you experience our magnificent relationship first-hand, you can’t UN-know that! You will see Paul and I interact, experience how we relate to each other, and experience the polarity of masculine and feminine energy!

This event empowers you to finally be loved for your most authentic self, without compromise, and to give your love freely as your best self! This helps you to reignite the passion that has fizzled in your relationship, get the energy that comes from living as your authentically feminine or masculine core energy and to create SPARKS of passion, playfulness and daily intimacy! Be an inspiration, make an impact, live your life as the example instead of the warning. Get the confidence, self-worth, fulfillment and happiness that comes from living in an intimate relationship that exceeds your wildest dreams! And once you create it, you get to have it all for the rest of your life!

Sending Love

Regular Event Ticket: $1,497 Limited Pre-Sale Price Only $497

What you will discover and experience at the Relationship Breakthrough RetreatTM


  • Design your compelling relationship vision with new eyes by identifying what you “must have” and what you “must NOT have” in your love life.
  • Experience a shift in your perspective, that allows you to finally get unstuck and access the relationship you desire.
  • See men, women, yourself, your partner and relationships differently than ever before by uncovering the false belief systems keeping you stuck and rewiring your blueprint from the perspective that will propel you to the relationship you design!
  • Learn the strategies that will help you understand your partner, and yourself, like never before.
  • Be one of the 1% of humans who understand the differences between men and women and how to work WITH those differences to create the relationship you really want!
  • Get the secret tools for being loved for your most authentic self...and bring out the best and most authentic self in your partner too!
  • Create a rock solid synergy to your relationship, so that you act as a team and STOP keeping score.
  • Finally show up in your relationship without pleasing and without compromise and ironically enjoying a more magnificent love than you ever imagined possible!
  • Experience the freedom and release of wiping the slate clean - entirely.
  • For women stuck in your masculine, FINALLY experience a real life shift INTO your feminine energy! Feel yourself open and enjoy the authentic power and vulnerability it brings to reignite the passion in your relationship and invigorate you with the life-force you have been missing!
  • For men disconnected from your masculine, experience a rooted and powerful reconnection to your masculine energy and get the solution to anchor you to your mature masculine. Learn the step-by-step process to serve, protect and provide for your woman so you can allow her to release into her feminine and finally experience her consistent admiration for being her hero for life!
  • Get the strategies for bringing the fun, dating and flirting back into your relationship...yes, even with the kids, the business and the house!
  • Discover the secrets to sensuality that no one has ever told you! Get the strategic plan (yes, there's a plan for that) for creating a hot, passionate and intensely satisfying sex life that you never thought was possible for you and your partner...and then watch it get hotter as the years go on! This is the kind of "why the hell do we ever do anything else but this" kind of sex, that no one else is teaching you how to create with your lover!

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Join us for the life transforming
Relationship Breakthrough Retreat

in Princeton, New Jersey

July 27 - 29, 2015


Join us at the Four Star Hyatt Regency Princeton in the heart of Princeton, New Jersey! We have secured a very low group room rate for attendees of the Relationship Breakthrough RetreatTM!

Event Schedule:

Sunday, July 26: Registration starts at 6 pm.

Monday, July 27: Begin at 9 am. Evening Session ends late.

Tuesday, July 28: Begin at 9 am. Evening Session ends late.

Wednesday, July 29: Begin at 9 am. Event ends at 6 pm.

*Note: All times are subject to change. We will do our best to keep to the start times and end time on Wednesday. Please do not make other plans in the evenings as we will be in session.

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Regular Event Ticket: $1,497  Limited Pre-Sale Price Only $497